My First Blog Post! (and a little about me)

Some of you many know me as the author on Floating Island, that little blog I haven’t updated since last last November. And remember the one guest post I did on Bookzillian Society (you should go check her out, by the way)? But since my last blog, I’ve decided I love writing. I really do.

Fantasy and/or any types of fiction are my favorites. There is something supernatural and surreal about creating a world of your own, somewhere where you can lose yourself and draw a picture in a reader’s minds, it’s like painting a little spot on someone else’s imagination.

I’ve always found that fascinating, how it’s possible for a horrible artist like me (it’s true, you should see it) to paint a picture. And how words can be such a great magic.

I pull my inspiration from different sources. Countless authors, including J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter is awesome, y’all), Rick Riordan, Marissa Meyer, James Dashner, Marie Lu, and so, so many more have given me stories that I will carry with me forever. There will never be a time when I have not learned something from a book. And that is why I want to put something in other people’s minds, to inspire them, to teach them, to make something that they will hold dearly. Something that they can treasure, because books will never die, never, ever get old.


Aside from why I love writing, I want to tell my readers about what they will find when they come to this site.

I have a friend who likes to write as well, and she will be an author on the site along with me. She’ll do more of the book reviews and such, but she will write short stories that she’s created.

I depend on my readers so much. They support me, they challenge me, they provide feedback, they do more than they know, and that is why I will take the time to congratulate them now, even before they actually start reading. I hope you find what you were looking for on this site.

I am always, always open to ideas. Contact me if you have an idea or say something in the comments. Give feedback or just say hello 🙂

I am Neha Desaraju. Tell me how to be better.


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