Blood Love

Soo guys…I don’t write romances a lot, but this one is going to be a solid…I think. Plus, this is my first time writing on this blog and I don’t know what you guys like, so tell me how it was! This is really short, by the way, so don’t expect anything big out of this (this was just to try out how it’ll be).

When Alice’s little brother dies, all she knows is that it was a murder, no matter what the court says. Even her own parents won’t believe her. On top of that, she discovers an astonishing secret.

She was the only one who saw the blood on the mattress in her Alex’s room. She was the first to scream, her mother joining her when she saw her brother dead in his red Lightning McQueen bed. They had gone to called the police, the ambulance, everyone. And all of them assumed it was because of Alex’s heart disease.

Heart disease at such a young age (eleven) was rare, but it should not have been fatal. The doctors performed autopsy, and they just said that one of his atriums had been blocked due to a diseased valve (which should not have been a problem) and his heart stopped beating. But Alice knew better.

There was blood on the mattress. Maybe only one little spot, but it was enough to make a difference. It was enough to change Alice’s mind. It was most definitely murder. She told the police, anyone who would listen, but they passed on, not one person believing her. “You’re grieving,” Madam Hilda, the old Italian woman next door, said in a thick accent. She covered herself in some twenty layers of shawls and swept away, as if Alice was going mad.

So she decided she would have to prove it herself.

School was a nightmare. Her crush wouldn’t look at her anymore. She missed the way his sky-blue eyes sparkled when his perfect lips smiled. She missed the way his golden locks were ruffled in an effortlessly stylish wave. He seemed to be avoiding her.

Her friends peppered her with apologies, then when they realized that it wasn’t what Alice wanted, they were hesitant to talk to her, as if they were afraid something they would say would make her mad.

And then winter break came. It came after many, many days of distance, and Alice welcomed it. She huddled in her room, losing herself in her latest thriller. Reading helped her lose herself. The horror only made her drunk, made her forget her thoughts and worries as she clung to the suspense.

A knock at the door downstairs was faint to Alice’s ears. Her mother, huddled in an afghan  and carrying a mug filled to the brim of hot chocolate opened the door.

Alice didn’t get up until she heard Jack’s voice at the door. Grabbing a bookmark, she shut the book and slammed it on her bedside table, racing to the door to meet her crush.

“Thank you, Mrs. Luvith, but I won’t need anything. I was just wondering how Alice was doing.”

Alice appeared at the top of the stairs. Racing down, she caught herself at the bottom. Jack smiled radiantly, and she was immediately aware of her baggy shorts that she hadn’t bothered to change out of and messy hair.

“How are you doing, Alice?” he asked, stepping inside and shrugging his coat off.

“Oh. Uh, fine,” she stammered. “And you?”

Jack gave another sly grin. “I’m doing fine. Mind if I step inside for a bit?”

Alice’s mom pushed his shoes to the side. “That would please Alice very much.”

Jack, after talking with her for a bit, mostly about schoolwork, excused himself to go to the bathroom.

It was only until after he had left that Alice noticed the hole in Alex’s bedsheets that had not been changed since he left.

And the hole was right where the bloodstain was.

So…did you like it? Should I keep writing? IDK if I should, ya know, it wasn’t my best idea…. But anyway, it was quite short, just a taste of how I write.

Thanks in general!



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