Love Our Authors | A Letter to James Dasher

Let’s take this time to recognize The Maze Runner series and the very special author who wrote it. Step on up, James Dashner.

Dear Mr. Dashner,

We have lived through the Maze and back. We have survived the Grievers, WICKED, Teresa’s betrayal, and very especially, The Flare and the over heating that occurred at the very beginning of the heart-wrenching story. And we want to thank you back, for creating this wonderful world we can fantasize in.

I speak on behalf of our Maze Runner fans out there. Say hello, guys! *chorus of hellos* See that? All those people you hear are your fans.

I have to say, I very much hated Thomesa, throughout the whole series. The first page I met her, BAM! It did not end well.

But aside from my opinions, I want to congratulate you and what you have accomplished: Creating a world that thousands of people love. Millions. It’s been made into a movie (very beautifully made, I have to say, though not as good as the book) that has reached a top domestic grossing of $102,427,862. What an achievement.

So please, thank you for making a difference in our lives.

Your very bookish fan,


Great, now we’re all bloody inspired.

~ Newt, The Maze Runner (James Dashner)


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