This or That Tag | Book Tag

Found this from Victoria @ Addlepates and Booknerds!

Here it goes!

Reading on the bed, or on the couch? Bed. I can’t sleep without reading before bed.

Male, or female main character?  Even though I am a feminist, I am absolutely fine with a male main character. However, I tend to write from a female POV.

Sweet, or salty snacks while reading? Both. I love any sweets, and chips are my reading snack.

Trilogies, or quartets? I love trilogies! They are simple, but most tend to become quartets.

First-person, or third-person POVs? Third-person. I love that a lot better because it seems more professional, and I feel like I’m intruding on personal space when I read first.

Reading at night, or in the morning? Night, duh. So I can read in bed!

Bookstores, or libraries? Ahhh, libraries. They have everything without cluttering my house with books (you can never have to many, tbh, but its too much work to clean up when they’re absolutely everywhere) and spending too much.

Books that make you laugh, or cry? Laugh, because I love it.

Black, or white book covers? I don’t know. Black, I guess, with silver.

Character, or plot-driven stories? A book with a good plot will steal my heart.

Again, I’m not nominating anyone specific for this, I’m doing anyone who would like to do it!




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