My Series: Percy Jackson

If you asked me about the Percy Jackson series about a year ago, I would’ve said that I would never have wanted to read the series…but look at me now! Percy Jackson is honestly the only series I think of when someone asks me for my favorite series.

I’ve read the Heroes of Olympis series as well,and might I say, they’re the most inspirational books that I’ve ever read. Mostly because…

  1. The personalities of the characters in the book aren’t overly too arrogant or proud, they all think like how an average kid would, which helps me relate to the characters.
  2. It is interesting and it got me interested in Greek mythology. (Which was also pretty helpful in school whenever we had our Greek mythology unit).

The reasons go on and on! I’m not saying that other any other books are bad, but my personal favorite is the Percy Jackson series!

Comment below if you agree πŸ˜„



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