Top Ten Tuesday | May 10th (Ten Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books)

Another Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, as you all know!

Ten Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books, guys, so here it goes!

1. Buzzfeed

This is an Internet jackpot of everything from books (of course) to personality quizzes to Internet trending stuff so I don’t look like I’ve been living under a rock! It has things like “21 Things To Buy For Book Lovers” and “13 Funny Texts That Are Too Good To Be True.”

2. YouTube (Music)

No one can live without YouTube, and I am obsessed with music. You will almost always find me listening to music while I write or study.

3. Spotify

Another music website/app! I mainly use this to create lists of all my favorite songs, not o actually listen. I use the YouTube Music app for that.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is my go-to social media app for funny stuff. (and some book-related memes)

5. Fantasy Name Generators

This is the website that I will always have open in another tab when writing. I can never think of names for people, places, animals, etc., and this website has it all. And I’m not kidding. All. Go check her out!

6. Google Drive

I use this for writing anything. Schoolwork, fantasy writing, everything. I don’t use Word or Pages or anything else.

I can’t really think of anymore, but if you have any, be sure to let me know in the comments!


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