The Deserted Island Book Tag

I know, I know, it’s been such a long time since I’ve done one of those, and I feel like one needs to be done. So. Ahem. I shall just wave my dainty little wand and not make sure that Dumbledore’s Army is a thing. So. Ahem.

I happily found this short little tag on My Tiny Obsessions. Let us now get started.

Deserted Island

WATER: A book you simply cannot live without

Oh, everyone knows this one–Harry Potter. To be absolutely precise, I think maybe the Goblet of Fire. It definitely taught me more than I ever asked for. I could go on and on about what it showed me:

  • Love and compassion will take you places
  • Your friends are always there
  • Voldemort is back with a high vengeance against Harry Potter, and any who stand in his way will face a gruesome fate
  • Hufflepuffs can be hot
  • Hufflepuffs are also sparkling vampires
  • That Viktor Krum and Hermione can/not be a thing (I still haven’t decided)

So yeah, you get the point.

FOOD: A book that is a close second on your favorites list

Close second? Like, close close, or just close?

The Lunar Chronicles. #Cinder4life

SHELTER: A book that makes you feel at home and safe

I would say Harry Potter, but I already used one. I think, The Heroes of Olympus.

FLARE GUN: A book that you would recommend to someone who doesn’t read

…who doesn’t read?

If, hypothetically, someone didn’t read, hypothetically, then I would recommend the Wings of Fire series, or maybe even the Pegasus series. They are both easy, fun reading, but with the right amount of action to keep you on your feet.

MATCHSTICK: A book that warms your heart

The Mortal Instruments. It really had a lot in there about family and I enjoyed reading it.

COMPASS: A book that directed you towards your love of reading

I remember the exact story. The very first book of Harry Potter sparked my passion for books. Once I read it, I discovered how books could change your world.

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