10 Reasons Why All The Light We Cannot See Is So Awesome | Musing Monday

Honestly, I was almost in tears by the hundredth page. OUT OF FIVE HUNDRED FREAKING THIRTY PAGES. You have got to be kidding me. My mind was, like, riding rollercoasters in every chapter. Like, it was that good. Not kidding.

1. The writing is brilliant.

The metaphor delights me.

At certain moments he sees himself as an emblem of possibility to which all eyes have turned. Though at other moments, flickering in front of him, he sees the big kid from the entrance exams: his face gone bloodless atop the platform high above the dance hall. How he fell. How no one moved to help him.

2. The characters are unique.

The story is mainly told from two point-of-views: Marie-Laure, a blind girl from Paris, France, and a young orphan boy named Werner whose brains land him a spot at an elite school. Both of them have unique abilities and disabilities. And each have their part to play.

3. The story was ten years in the making. And you can tell.

The amount of effort that was put in shows, and yet the writing the flows like it came from a tender hand holding a fountain pen.

4. The chapters switch between POVs at just the right moments, keeping me hooked 24/7.

I don’t even see any love happening yet. What a surprise.

5. The writing is an amazing work of art.

Each sentence paints a picture in the reader’s minds, taking me farther and and deeper into a plot.

6. It made me realize that hist-fic isn’t so bad (and that’s kinda hard to do).

I was never a fan of historical. It would never sit right with me.

(Hmm. Maybe now it’s time to try  A Night Divided.)

7. The title is genius. (I legit only picked it up because of the title.)

I was walking through the library and I see a poster with the book cover on it. I rush to the isle and find it, not even knowing what it is about.

8. It earned three awards and it deserves them.

The Pulitzer Prize, Top Ten Best Books according to The New York Times, and National Book Award Finalist.

9. Did I mention the writing is amazing?

It cannot compare to anything I have ever read.

10. The plot eases you through it gently, but each and every line paints a picture like magic.

Anthony Doerr is a magician, I tell you!

And that’s it for my Musing Monday!

Happy Monday,



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  1. Hi again Neha! It’s been forever since I’ve been by your blog omg. 😦 It looks so good! This post just convinced me to read this book. I’ve been meaning to pick this up for sooooo long but somehow I’ve never gotten around to it. But will definitely do it, this sounds like a must-read! Lovely post. ❤


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