I’m Neha, the creator of this blog.

I really love writing. For me, it’s like an art. A visual, but instead of paints on a canvas, it’s words on a page. My goal is to inspire and teach people, just like how J. K. Rowling taught me that friends are more important than books and cleverness, how Rick Riordan taught me that everyone can be a hero, and how Marie Lu said that every day is a new one. There are so many things books have told me, and I want to give that back.

I’m partnering with a close friend of mine, and her blurb is below.


I’m Ananya Sampathkumar, an author who just wants to have fun.

Now, I’m not the creator of this blog, (I’m WAY too lazy to create something) but I do love to write and create short stories. I also love to fangirl about books (come on, Percy Jackson fans)!!! I don’t go all mumbo jumbo with my words like my friend Neha, but I’ll try my best :).

I look forward to hearing from you guys, until then…

adios amigos!!!! 😉